about emily

Emily Neville Fisher is a photographer based in Westchester and New York City. She received her bachelor’s degree in Fine Art at James Madison University and her master's in Arts Administration from NYU. She has worked in painting, drawing, jewelry and pottery but has been concentrating on photography over the past decade. 

Emily won first place in the North Salem Open Land Foundation’s juried exhibition “People, Places, Pets…” in 2016 and had two images published in the 2017 “Balanced Rock: The North Salem Review”, one of which was selected for the cover. Emily has taken part in the Ridgefield Art Walk and the Art for the Avenue in Greenwich, CT. She is a member of The Ridgefield Guild of Artists and a student at the International Center for Photography in New York City. Three of her images are part of a year-long group exhibition at the Henry L. Ferguson Museum on Fishers Island and have become part of the museum's permanent collection.

She lives in Westchester with her husband and three children.